Course dates: 6th October 6-9.30pm and every Thursday for academic year end May 2023. Timetables available on request. Contact Tracy on 0863557974 or for more information.

This course builds upon the content and practical skills of the iTEC Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage by expanding on knowledge of the nervous system, injuries, how to perform complex clinical testing, and will explore literature to reinforce treatment approaches. Advanced massage techniques such as positional release techniques, consolidate muscle energy techniques, and much more will be
taught on this course.

Learning outcomes:

- Recognise neurological presentations and injuries (including dermatomes, myotomes, and clinical testing) and learning new nerve assessments.

- Analyse sports specific posture and gait through dynamic assessment.
- Learn and understand fascial trains and work of Thomas Myers
- Explore and research evidence-based scientific practice through examination of The Valadmir Janda Approach
- Complete complex case history and assessment.
- Learn the application of specialised soft tissue techniques.


The ultimate aim of this level is to advance anatomy & physiological knowledge, develop more technical skills, encourage critical thinking and develop research techniques.

This course is recognised by leading professional associations for sports massage and soft tissue therapy (Sports Massage Association, Sports Therapy Association). 

The Level 5 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy (ITEC) course is designed to provide experienced Practitioners currently working in Sport and Active Leisure, including Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists and Sports Massage Practitioners with the requisite understanding and complex skills and techniques to advance their clinical practise.

This course comprises of two units:
iUSP158 Conducting Complex Assessments for Sports Massage-
You will explore how to perform assessments of sports specific posture and gait, conducting complex assessment methods for sports massage, and devising sports massage treatment plans from the information gathered. You will link your analysis to evidence informed practice to support your treatment planning. 

iUSP156 Provide Complex Massage Techniques for Sports Massage- You will apply complex massage techniques and provide appropriate aftercare to support your client’s presentation. Alongside this course, you will be required to undertake and achieve the VTCT (ITEC) Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention (COVID-19) for Complementary Therapies and Sports Massage qualification if you do not hold this already.

Students build a portfolio of evidence containing:

- Injury assignments
-Research assignment
-Treatment evidences

-In-class tests exam
-Logged work experience hours


Full course fees: €2,100 payable in installments