Seiki Workshop

Taught By Therapist Saralee Cassidy

1 day workshop 26th Feb €80.

Another date tbc for summer time.

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Seiki-Somo is also called: “breathing again,” it is a body release therapy developed by Akinobu Kishi, which grew from the tradition of Namikoshi and Masunaga’s Shiatsu. 
Sei-ki assists the body to release the condensed pain of emotions, negative thinking, trauma, stress and conditioning from the body. It is a form of somato release therapy for the body and mind. As tension denotes a condition of being that is tight or contracted. The lungs are by far the most efficient organs for respiration, but a more primitive form of respiration through the body surfaces still remains in tact in humans, as skin respiration. Seiki-soma practices this observation.

To really experience the body in balance and to understand underlying causes, it is necessary to allow the body to move without conscious control and to become aware of the dynamics of life energy within yourself, such as the breath moving in and out.
The simple principle of moving in the direction which is the easiest and exhaling completely at the limit of each moment is where healing takes place.
Observing the breathing body is the foundation of Seiki Soma and this serves to relax the whole body and strengthen weak areas. Once the energy deficient parts become replenished, the circulation of energy is improved throughout the entire body and problems start to disappear of themselves. Through the flow of ‘Ki’, breath and movement.

Seiki is about feeling, not knowing.
Seiki-soho is a therapy that focuses on the individual as a complete being — It uses Zen observation techniques to follow the ki flow through the body.Techniques such as gentle holding; touching and pressing with the palms, fingers and hands.
During a session the client can experience katsugen, or spontaneous movements as a body release.
It is about developing a sensitivity, so the body can be more responsive. Addressing issues of imbalance, trauma and stagnation. 

Seiki is experienced through 
Katsugen = spontaneous movement which allows the bodys natural movement to release pent up energy from the body.
Gyo-Ki allows the body to open up to the experience of its breathing awareness. Generating energy within the body.
Seiki is the practice with partner(s) on or off the body. Deepening observation of how the body responds to contact, touch and observation. Dynamic movement of breath. Deepening the experience of relaxation.
Seiki is a deep mind and body conditioning therapy that when used over time can enhance states of authenticity and  clarity. The more we use Seiki-soma the more authentic we become, we clarify our desire, become more grounded and stress free.