Sports Taping, Strapping and Kinesio Taping Workshop. The one stop shop for all your strapping needs. 


These workshops run on a regular basis throughout the academic year please contact Tracy  on 0863557974 or for upcoming dates.

Zinc oxide, cohesive, kinesio, compression, Different tapes, different benefits and different roles. From managing the acute phase of a acromioclavicular subluxation to chronic chondromalacia patella right down to pitch side strains and sprains. Taping and strapping has been an integral component in every Sports Therapists toolkit. 

This 2 day workshop is packed full of information on the various types of strapping, methods used and benefits of use. Also tons of practical skills to boost your toolbelt of knowledge and techniques to use pitch side, dressing room or in a clinic environment. 

Sports athletes, therapists and medical professionals have been using various types and methods of taping for many years as a protective support within existing injuries, preventative with old or suspecting injuries and also as a psychological crutch during rehabilitation exercise programs.


Goals of using taping and strapping:

  • Zinc oxide to restrict movement to injured joints during the healing process, or as a first-aid tool pitchside
  • Compression strapping to inflammation during acute phase(though this is becoming more of a limited method as new research is uncovering(
  • Cohesive to support bony structures during a rehabilitation exercise program and to protect from re-injury during initial return to training. 
  • Psychologically boost an athlete in the healing phases.


Therapist use of taping methods also includes to:

  • relieve pain during the acute phase
  • improve joint stability
  • reduce strain on injured or support uninjured during recovery phase
  • correct faulty biomechanics
  • inhibit muscle action
  • facilitate muscle action
  • compress in the presence of odema or lymphatic drainage


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