Dynamic Cupping Workshop

Date: 31 March 2024

Time: 09:30 - 4:30 

Your fee Includes a full set of plexi-glass cups

Dynamic cupping is fast becoming the new modality that clients are asking all about. When Michael Phelps appeared poolside at the Olympics with his cupping marks, everyone started looking at this Chinese technique as the new modality to boost recovery and maintenance for the body. Jump on a few years and Cupping for sports recovery, deep tissue tension and detox has moved on to a more modern technique for managing musculoskeletal issues for the more active clients.

This workshop also includes:

  • Marma point cupping is also included in this workshop. This is using cups on Ayurvedic Marma Points for overall health and wellness and to treat specific conditions.

Immediate benefits to your clients include:

  • Muscle and fascia tension release
  • Softening and eliminating adhesions and areas of scar tissue
  • Detoxing waste and toxins from specific body areas
  • Dynamic cupping movements to lengthen tight and constricted muscles. This is cups in movement through muscle and fascia lines.

€200,00 EUR