Plant Based Cookery Classes

No single dietary regime is suitable for everyone. People's dietary habits vary as much as their personalities and characters. Curious what foods suit you best or how to plan a healing meal?

Our plant based chef and nutritional coach at the Body Tree is here to guide you through this exciting experience.

In the process of seeking positive food and health choices, the kitchen is where often the problems arise. You have been shopping and bought new healthier, colourful ingredients from your new plan and now comes the task of figuring out how to use them. Can I boil this or is it better fried, can I use coconut oil or is sesame oil more nutritious? What do I do with this block of tofu, or is tempeh better for my constitution?

Join us at a Body Tree cooking class and let our Chef and Nutritional Coach teach you the basics of plant based cooking or even better gather a bunch of your like minded friends and bring the class to your home. We can accommodate groups of up to 12 at your home teaching the basics of:

  • Knife skills impress in the kitchen, learn if your recipe works better with a julienne or a mirepoix
  • Herbs and spices to enhance the taste of  food, increase the medicinal value and help to combat illness. Discover some tips on how to use spices to discover their true value.
  • Nutrition advice on food values, does cooking really lose vitamins, can I eat that raw and why does this turn my food purple?
  • Creating exciting dishes personally suited to your tastes and love of textures.
  • Stocking up your fridge with great meal preps, stock and soup basics and devine sweet treats
  • Being able to visit the health food store or vegetable stand with confidence, know what you are buying and how to use it to boost your everyday meals. 
  • Celebrating seasonal foods and meals to be the best version of yourself, feeling energised, focused and ready to take on the world.
  • Discovering how to design food plans for yourself in the comfort of your own kitchen. 

Set yourself on a path for positive change for your health, and have some fun along the way. At the Body Tree we are on a mission of encouraging everyone to get healthier, nutritious food  back into your kitchen that taste unbelievable!


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