Physical Therapies

At the Body Tree we offer a range of therapies, from Ayurvedic  treatments to reflexology and occupational injury treatment.

If you are unsure of what treatment would best suit you or would like to examine a combination or therapies book in a consultation to speak to our Head Therapist, Tracy at 


At the Body tree College, we provide a range of courses and workshops to facilitate a high quality of learning, and gain qualifications to start or build on your career as a Sports Massage Therapist.  We are currently holding our open days for Level 3 and Level 4 Sports Massage. Find out more and register here today. 


The Body Tree also has a corporate branch for all your in office (and virtual office) wellness needs. We offer on site therapies, workshops and consultations to deal with all the stress of a hectic workplace. We can help you foster a culture of wellness within your business. A culture that will address workplace stress leading to a happier, more fulfilling, productive day for your employees.

Community Clinics

Community Clinics are based on a global model focused on the treatment of people and their health. We adopt a multi disciplined approach to the treatment of pain, injury and take a holistic view to the management of diseases and disorders. 

Your Community Clinic is staffed by qualified and experienced therapists, ready to provide care through health and wellness services, to all clients at a price that allows everyone to access treatments and support. 

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Telephone: +35386 355 7974