Upcoming Workshops

Dry Needling

Date: 8, 9 & 10 September 2023

Time: 09:30 - 4:30 each day

Cost: €500 

This 3-day course offers you the opportunity to qualify and practice in the area of trigger point dry needling and will give you 21 CPD hours.

It is a comprehensive course covering basic to advanced needling techniques from head to toe.

You will be able to treat patients immediately and with confidence the very next day after you’ve completed the course.

  • This educational programme will prepare healthcare practitioners to treat myofascial trigger points by dry needling.
  • Participants will learn various dry-needling techniques
    using solid filament needles.

Please note that all techniques are purely dry needling
techniques, that are effective, evidence-based and have been researched and proven to help treat musculoskeletal dysfunction.

This is a training programme with immediate clinical applicability upon completion.

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Taping & Strapping

Date: 24 / 25 June 2023

Time: 09:30 - 4:30 each day

Cost: €300 (includes kit)

Zinc oxide, cohesive, kinesio, compression, EAB, Hyperfix..and more

Different tapes, different benefits and different roles. From managing the acute phase of an acromioclavicular subluxation to chronic chondromalacia patella right down to pitch-side strains and sprains.

Taping and strapping have been an integral components in every Sports therapist's toolkit.

This 2 day workshop is packed full of information on the various types of strapping, methods used and benefits of use. Also tons of practical skills to boost your toolbelt of knowledge and techniques
to use pitch side, dressing room or in a clinic environment.

Sports athletes, therapists and medical professionals have been using various types and methods of taping for many years as a protective support within existing injuries, preventative with old or suspecting injuries and also as a psychological crutch during rehabilitation exercise programs.

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Cupping Workshop

Date: 22 July 2023

Time: 09:30 - 4:30 

Cost: €200 (Includes a full set of plexi glass cups)

Dynamic cupping is fast becoming the new modality that clients are asking all about. When Michael Phelps appeared poolside at the Olympics with his cupping marks, everyone started looking at this Chinese technique as the new modality to boost recovery and maintenance for the body. Jump on a few years and Cupping for sports recovery, deep tissue tension and detox has moved on to a more modern technique for managing musculoskeletal issues for the more active clients.

This workshop also includes:

  • Marma point cupping is also included in this workshop. This is using cups on Ayurvedic Marma Points for overall health and wellness and to treat specific conditions.

Immediate benefits to your clients include:

  • Muscle and fascia tension release
  • Softening and eliminating adhesions and areas of scar tissue
  • Detoxing waste and toxins from specific body areas
  • Dynamic cupping movements to lengthen tight and constricted muscles. This is cups in movement through muscle and fascia lines.
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Sports First Aid Responder Course

Date: 15, 16 & 17 September 2023

Time: 09:30 - 4:30 each day

Cost: €380

A First Aid Responder may be a healthcare practitioner or a member of the public who has undertaken the education and training of a First Aid Response course incorporating the Cardiac First Response (CFR) standard.

In addition to CFR skills, the First Aid Responder possesses defined practical skills in the further management of a patient who has become
suddenly ill or injured pitch side, in the pre-hospital environment until the arrival of emergency medical services (EMS).

The First Aid Responder can assess and manage these
patients in accordance with PHECC Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs). The First Aid Response Standard adopts a uniform approach to interacting with patients and other emergency medical services in the pre-hospital setting.

FAR Education and Training Standards
Each student will receive a FAR course book. This book is an excellent reference for the first aider. It contains all the necessary information as it has been designed and written with the FAR course in mind.

Limited numbers: only 8 students per course.

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Aryuvedic Lifestyle Workshop

Date: 23 / 24 September 2023

Time: 09:30 - 4:30 each day

Cost: €230

This 2-day workshop is based on understanding and living a more Ayurvedic lifestyle.

DAY 1- you will understand your dosha and how this affects your eating, sleeping and circadian rhythms. Gain deeper knowledge of specific health tips for both women and men through adopting an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Covered also is the environmental impact on our health and well-being and food as medicine.

DAY 2 – Self-care practises of Ayurveda, treatment for head issues of blocked sinuses, migraine and tinnitus. Learn how massaging reflex points on the feet and hands can improve your detoxification process and boost your health.

Learn the marma points of the head and hands, and how to find and treat those destress points for self-care with an Indian head massage.

Gain a Certificate of Attendance for this exciting 2-day workshop.

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