Corporate Offering

“ Take care of your employees, and they will take care of your business, its as simple as that” 

Richard Branson

The Body Tree also has a corporate branch for all your in office (and virtual office) wellness needs. We offer on site therapies, workshops and consultations to deal with all the stress of the hectic workplace. We can help you foster a culture of wellness within your business. A culture that will address workplace stress leading to a happier, more fulfilling, productive day for your employees.

By providing your employees with healthy options and initiatives, you help prevent sickness, fatigue and mental burnout while expressing your care for each individual. These incentives can also act as team-building practices, leading to a more positive company culture, increasing overall health and wellness. 

We have a range of offerings including:

On-site Therapies- On-site therapies have been proven to reduce employee sick days and also to increase workplace wellbeing, addressing the physical and mental stress of your much needed workforce. Bringing health and wellness therapies to the office will aid in retaining talented sought after employees. To be able to attract and retain the motivated and more successful employees, supporting health and wellness is no longer an optional perk, but an important aspect for companies to address to stay competitive. 

There are two types of on-sit therapies:

1. Attending to your employee at their work desk for immediate effect to manage the manic mondays: 

  • Health and stress screening checks
  • De-stress Indian head massage
  • Stress management breathing techniques
  • Computer ergonomics  
  • Fast track nutrition protocol 

2, Setting up a small therapy room for 30 minute treatments. This is available as a solo therapist or a multi disciplined team of 4 therapists, depending on the size of the workforce and treatment time availability. Multiple employees may be treated at one time, average of 8 per hour by a team of 4 therapists. Treatments include:

  • Health and lifestyle coaching for better health
  • Holistic and relaxation massages 
  • Reflexology for managing stress, digestive issues and tension headaches
  • Acupuncture, cupping and dry needling 
  • Deep tissue massage for back and neck stiffness
  • Nutrition consultation with food plan

Workshops and Talks- Empowering long term positive change through an in house education program. We can write a wellness program based on your individual needs and wants, to motivate your team to embrace positive change. These programs can be delivered virtually or at your office. Health and wellness programs include:

  • Seasonal eating plans and recipe books for boosting the immune system to fend off the absentee days of colds and flus.
  • Exercise and movement programs to manage those office aches and pains. 
  • Mental wellness, manage the relationship with you and blue light technology.
  • Answer questions about herbs and vitamins to boost holistic health and energy.
  • Create daily routines that suit your ayurvedic personality.
  • Stress management protocols
  • Sleep imbalances and disturbed sleep routines, find your true circadian health rhythms.

At The Body Tree we have a multi disciplined approach to manage you and your employees health and wellness. Our qualified experienced team delivers practical skills and personalised programs to suit the needs of your employees.


Contact our Lead Therapist Tracy today at to put together a corporate wellness plan! Or fill out the form below and we will get back you. 

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