Holistic Massage

therapies Apr 27, 2023

Holistic massage involves the use of warm oil gently to the body. Slow rhythmic strokes are used for calming the nervous system, the mind and any stress felt in the body or mind. These techniques are used for managing stress issues that have accumulated in the body from overwork, overtraining, poor posture and an overactive mind. Extremely calming and relaxing for the mind, body and spirit. 

All massage techniques involve physical manipulation through different uses and methods of gentle manual techniques . These various techniques and methods are used to create different effects on muscles, joints, and certain tissue groups within the human body. A holistic massage, however, pays attention to how a client is feeling on a personal level along with how their body is physically feeling. They will also likely be more aware of how internal stress can manifest physically.

There are a few of differences between a holistic massage therapy experience and deep tissue massage experience. While massage is an important part of that healing tradition, combining the healing compassion of holistic massage therapy with the cohesive approach of the holistic philosophy can create an experience that helps people connect to their bodies while simultaneously helping them tune into their emotional state. Suffering wear and tear on our bodies can happen in different ways, but it happens to all of us. The same thing goes for emotional stress. We all suffer mental wear and tear. We all experience stress and tension that affects other areas of our lives. Holistic massage therapy recognizes both the physical and mental side of stress and injury. It also recognizes that one is no more important than the other.