Nutrition and Coaching

therapies Apr 27, 2023

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”- Hippocrates

Nutrition and food plays a huge part in our everyday lives. The nutritional power of food is grossly overlooked, the quick fix of fast food or food cooked fast is a modern day draw to how we eat now. Food is more than taste and texture, it is the base for how we feel, think, act and heal, good food is wise medicine. The beauty of food as medicine is the choice to heal and promote health can begin as soon as the next meal. 

Research shows that the food that we eat and our dietary habits strongly influence the risk of chronic disease. While certain foods may trigger chronic health conditions, other foods offer strong medicinal and healing properties. Not all food is made equal. For example: Raw fruit is a magic potion to some, though is a slow poison to others. If underlying issues are occurring the body will absorb, assimilate and use food very differently. Gut microbes that are thrown out of their natural cycle by eating unseasonal and processed foods and will revolt causing digestive issues of pain, cramping, bloating and wind.

 Self-empowerment in health is becoming a huge buzz phrase. People are looking to Health and Nutrition coaches for education and support to adopt changes in their lives. As Health Coaches we incorporate food and lifestyle as medicinal principles, we then guide and support you through this time of change.

Health coaches teach people how to change their diet and live better, more fulfilling lives. At the Body Tree we give you the information and guidance for you to adopt and make better choices and change habits.  We empower you,  the client, to take charge of your own health and we then work as a team. With this type of teamwork, you can transform poor behaviour patterns, receive feedback and be held accountable for your choices.

 At The Body Tree we will design a bespoke program suited to your personal needs and tastes based on a collaboration of Ayurvedic and Western fundamentals. This program is designed with you, for you, based on your personality and characteristic traits, we do not use a one fit for all. This allows you as the client to be involved and gain back control of your health and how you want to feel. 

Food and dietary habits, when used as good medicine will allow us to feel energised, focused and satisfied. Relating our food to how we feel mentally, physically and emotionally is the focus at The Body Tree Nutrition. We understand the link of food to our holistic self.  

Adopting a food or nutrition plan has so many positive benefits:

  • More energised mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Creating positive relationships with food and mealtimes
  • Increased quality of sleep, with relaxed dreams
  • Addressing ill health and sickness