Sports Cupping

therapies workshops Apr 27, 2023

Cupping therapy treatments have been recorded throughout history, traced back to the ancient Egyptians since 1500 BC and varying styles of use from Chinese to Islamic cultures. Cupping for sports athletes has been growing in popularity since the appearance of athletes in the Olympics in recent years, bearing the familiar purple circles that may appear post treatment. Despite the look, this is not an injury or does not cause pain, quite the opposite. The circles appear as part of the detox and cleansing of the area, relieving adhesions and knots to encourage more suppleness to soft tissue. This cleansing decreases pain and encourages more movement and flexibility to your body.

Sports cupping therapy can:

  • Relieve tight and restricted muscles and joints
  • Relieve excess stagnant swelling or non medical fluid build up
  • Speed up injury recovery
  • Be relaxing and calming for nerve conditions of neuralgia, sciatica, nerve pain, Bell's palsy or facial paralysis