Supporting Local Champions: Tyrone Cronin O Brien

supporting local testimonials we pay it forward Jul 20, 2023
Tyrone Cronin O'Brien Kickboxer Hub Martial Arts Limerick

My name is Tyrone Cronin O’Brien I’m a kickboxer fighting out of Hub Martial Arts Limerick. I’m a 5-time Irish champion and gold medalist at the world championships. I have a passion for kickboxing having followed the footsteps of my dad and coach Paul O Brien.

I’ve been involved in physical activity all my life and I’m very dedicated to performing at the highest level in all areas and having the support and help of businesses will decrease the pressure on me and increase my performance. Businesses that could support my cost of training equipment, rest and recovery, supplements or any related support would be greatly appreciated.

As a current member of the Irish defence forces my workload is very physically demanding and balancing that workload with training for my sport can be tough. A key part of that balance is recovering and at the Bodytree clinic, they have kindly sponsored me and are helping me improve on the recovery aspects of training. Sports massages, acupuncture and cupping are some of the main therapies I receive at the Bodytree all of which I feel are beneficial to me.

Contact me

Instagram - Tyrone_Cronin

WhatsApp - 0857332174